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Author Topic: allowed the floor companies
dreamgofashion Posted: 10-Sep-18 13:08
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<p>flooring, bamboo sticks, etc. Taiwan is in front of the mainland.<a href='
'>boat faux teak decking impact resistance</a>In 1998-99, the flooring industry began to discuss the quality standards of "Reinforced Flooring" and revised the "Solid Wood Flooring" standard.The formal name of the laminate flooring is “impregnated paper laminated wood flooring”.[url=
]hot sales outdoor plastic wood tiles wpc diy tiles[/url] At that time, the domestic laminate flooring was called “composite flooring” and “golden plate”. Later, Professor Gao Zhihua, chairman of the </p>
<p>China Timber Distribution Association, gave a popular name. floor".<a href='
'>wooden slates for swing</a>After 1999, the entire Chinese flooring industry entered a period of vigorous development, with production and sales increasing at a rate of 30% per year.In these years, laminate flooring and parquet have even multiplied.[url=
]farm fence posts calgary[/url]There are still many flooring companies that miss this speed of development. It is always unrealistic and dangerous to develop at such a speed.Although </p>
<p>the flooring industry in 2010 faced changes in industry integration,<a href='
'>composite stair strip</a> the overall situation of the industry is still relatively good. Enterprises have already realized and gradually improved the status of innovation in development. Many enterprises have followed the low-carbon steps and got parties.[url=
]how much do hollow ceiling beams cost[/url] Affirmation, I believe that the flooring industry after the storm in 2010 will be more eye-catching.The impact of the tide is not as good as the trend, and </p>

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