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Author Topic: affecting the flooring industry
dreamgofashion Posted: 11-Sep-18 14:12
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<p>situation of the large-scale floor exhibitions?In recent years,<a href='
'>how long will a seven trust fence last</a> along with the arrival of the bottleneck period in the flooring production industry, floor manufacturers have reduced the operating costs of the company, and many flooring companies have begun to withdraw from the large floor booths and are active in the stage outside the exhibition.[url=
]non skid boat deck coverings[/url]For example, this year's Shanghai International Floor Materials Exhibition, this year's ground material </p>
<p>exhibitors reduced from the original five venues to three, <a href='
'>anti corrosive magic wood wpc use</a>the number of booths has been reduced by a third.It can be seen that the “severance” of floor manufacturers for floor exhibitions has been drastically reduced in the past two years.What is the cause of this situation?[url=
]teak furniture from trinidad and tobago[/url]For flooring companies with many brand distributors and mature channels, the exhibition is only a huge cost-effective input-output ratio. The booth rent, personnel, </p>
<p>transportation and other expenses are costly. <a href='
'>composition walkway material</a>It is also an uneconomical move.Moreover, they would rather use this fee for the usual annual publicity budget.For the new flooring brand, the coldness of the above-mentioned major floor exhibitions may be stronger than that of the old flooring brands, [url=
]cladding that looks like wood[/url]because the above floor exhibitions are indeed a good investment platform for international and domestically oriented, one-time big investment is </p>

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