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Author Topic: wood line is a package around the fence
dreamgofashion Posted: 21-Sep-18 05:46
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one meter of wood is about 60 yuan to 80 yuan in between, and solid wood edges or more materials have to 100. Sales Inside Story: Stickers affixed fence skin fence selling price Some economic-based wood composite fences to cut corners, will be installed in the fence near the lock and hinge block of wood filled the place, but other places use
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inferior wood. Locks need to dig holes for installation, consumers can see the fences of the material inside, so configured to cover up. Another way is to deceive the surface of a sticker to say that veneer wooden fence, wood grain paper surface texture and a real wood texture is very similar to the average consumer is not careful to distinguish simply do
not see . However, significant price difference between the two, the same area of the wood veneer paper cheaper than three or four hundred dollars, if the "unfortunate" recognized by consumers, merchants will use "This is the technology of paper" to sophistry. Say one thing and do another Consumers into the stores, experienced staff will ask
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