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Author Topic: difference between tiles and stone
dreamgofashion Posted: 26-Sep-18 12:18
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<p>The all-terrain marble tiles are almost identical in color and texture to traditional marble tiles. However, it is an upgraded product of ordinary marble tiles. In order to improve the problems of slotting, chamfering and arcing in the later deep processing, the whole body marble tile is to make the color and texture of the body consistent, and the real appearance is the same. [url=]wooden edge around pool with deck[/url]This will be more beautiful when applied to the living room, and it seems to be coordinated. In addition to the wall of the living room, the hotel lobby, cafes, restaurants, schools and other places can be used. In fact, it has been mentioned in the previous definition that the whole body marble tile will process the blank to match the color and texture.</p><p> Because of this, the whole body marble tile, like [url=]anchor durable composite railing in concrete[/url] the antique brick, can be cut and processed very well, like chamfers, fašades, cylinders, etc. Protecting the ecology Because there are fewer and fewer natural stones, in order to make up for this deficiency, the whole body marble tiles have been done. It is understood that natural clay and stone are used and then processed by high temperature calcination. Although the production process is slow, it is good for the harmful gases to evaporate. Therefore, this brick is environmentally friendly, so don't worry that it will endanger us. Disadvantages: Nothing can be perfect, as is the whole body marble tile. However, its shortcoming is [url=]best manufactured decking[/url] that its price will be much higher than many floor tiles.</p>

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