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Author Topic: deck one would need to slide
dreamgofashion Posted: 11-Oct-18 02:06
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size enables the onlookers sitting inside the house to enjoy the scenery without going outside. If you have been feeling congested in you house and longing for proper ventilation in the same area, than the French wall are a very good option for you. They are best for the purpose of ventilation as they are directly connected to the outdoor decks, balconies or
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patios and are enormous in size. There are usually two / three or four window panels / slashes (depending on the size of the balcony) attached to hinges or sliders. In order to open the window / deck one would need to slide them, that is why they are also known as sliding wall / decks. Compared to the regular wall that open either in the front or back,
sliding wall do not require any free space in the front or back as they simply slide over the width. Owing to their dimensions, the French decks give an enhanced feeling of openness, structure and beauty to the onlookers. Though, the concept of installing the patio decks is really catching up, but the origin of these favourable decks / wall dates back
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