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Author Topic: Types of building materials
dreamgofashion Posted: 19-Nov-18 03:58
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<p>Foam brick is a relatively common decorative material. This brick is mixed with cement, sand and other materials, then mixed with a foaming agent, and then injected into the mold to form a kind of small independent pores. Brick, so called foam bricks. The foam brick has light texture, high insulation performance and good sound absorption effect. It is one of the light wall [url=]Best Place To Buy Composite Decking Wholesale[/url] materials used in China for a long time. What are the advantages and disadvantages of foam bricks? Advantages Lighter foam bricks are lighter in texture, only about one-sixth of that of concrete bricks, which can reduce the load on the house.</p><p> Insulation, heat insulation and sound [url=]truck bed composite flooring[/url] insulation foam bricks have the properties of heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation, which can meet the needs of consumers. Excellent compression and shock resistance Because the foam brick is relatively porous and has certain seismic performance, it can reduce [url=]Composite Decking Tongue And Groove[/url] the seismic load of the building. </p><p>Therefore, the seismic and compressive capacity is relatively good, no cracking, long service life, foam brick is not easy to crack, and anti-aging performance is good. Long service life. Water absorption rate foam bricks have good water absorption rate and are more absorbent than other wall materials. The foam bricks are not suitable for use in load-bearing walls because of their light texture. In addition, the density of foam bricks is low, and [url=]recycled plastic deck grates[/url] the nails on the top are easier to loosen.</p>

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