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Author Topic: different angles of the garden
xiao1235 Posted: 28-Dec-18 02:57
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planted with old-fashioned flowers. You must have feature plants as well as filler and anchor plants. For this garden, roses are the best feature plants, and anchor plants are those that create a backdrop to the garden design. Evergreens, boxwood, conifers and other small trees are example of
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anchor plants. And due to its height, they are situated on the back of the flower beds. On the other hand, filler plants include hydrangeas, viburnum, hollyhocks, and lavender. To add excitement to your garden design, you should create different areas within the garden, so that visitors will not be
bored because they will be being to see different angles of the garden. Just remember to maintain proportion among all areas. And to emphasize the different areas, it is best to divide them with hedges which are made up of flowers like boxwood, wegiela, and other tall-growing plants. Divider plants
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