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Author Topic: overall pool and garden design
xiao1235 Posted: 29-Dec-18 07:08
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long and fascinating history because families had fencing before they had houses. Back then, it was to keep enemies and animals away from food and family. Today, fencing is designed for privacy, beauty and to increase a home's value. Garden fences look best when they complement or match the home's
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construction. For a brick house, a fence with brick dividers or fence posts would be attractive. You might choose a great plastic or wood picket fence for a cottage or colonial home. If you have a one story home that needs privacy from the street, put up a panel fence and soften it with some vines that
grow in your area and you will quickly be able to add a new dimension of privacy to your home with little effort and time. Choosing the right kind of fencing material can be an adventure. Just remember that there is more than one style of fencing that will look pleasing and meet all your requirements.
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