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Author Topic: 2007 Traveller Series
Roger Posted: 17-Oct-06 17:47
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First Well Done to Stuart & Zoe for carrying off the Buzz 2006 Travellers Series "Champions of Champions" covering the 4 Galas and Nationals meetings this season. A GREAT SEASON for you guys!!

Looking to 2007 we want to continue to encourage the fleet to travel and support the regional and national events - I would be very pleased to receive suggestions on how we might apply a weighting to ensure the effort and mileage expended by the growing gang of 'Campaigners' is recognised in the final result - suggestions please to me - here!
Roger 987 F&L
Stu B Posted: 17-Oct-06 19:12
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Hi Roger,

Thanks for organising the Traveller Series and many other things throughout the year too, you have helped Zoe and I have a great year!!

Maybe we should have positions for distance travelled too, 1 point for the furthest travelled, 2 points for 2nd furthest and so on down to the least miles travelled. These points can then by added to our series score to produce a set of results for the travller series. This system would reward those who have spent many hours in their car as well as on the water. This may also encourage events to be organised across the country rather than focused in a certain area.

Example (if an event was at Medway Yacht Club, Kent (my club))

Series points Travel points Traveller Series Pts
Buzz 780 10 (1st) 3.5 (0 miles) 13.5 (2nd)
Buzz 987 12 (2nd) 1 (240 miles) 13 (1st)
Buzz 1027 14 (3rd) 2 (120 miles) 16 (3rd)
Buzz 1033 16 (4th) 3.5 (0 miles) 19.5 (4th)

I have given 3.5 for boats from my club as the 3rd and 4th furthest travelled sharing their combined points. As the results show Buzz 780 gets 1st place for the open, but 2nd for the traveller series due to not having to travel at all. Buzz 987 takes 1st for the traveller series for sitting on the A303 on the way, poor old Buzz 1027 does gain a bit on 780 but not enough to raise to 2nd (sorry Jane and Mark!!), Buzz 1033 loses out for having a poor open and not travelling either!

I hope the above makes sense . . .

Buzz 1033 and 780
Jane_Mark Buzz 847 Posted: 18-Oct-06 13:57
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I think it would be a shame if the 'Champion of Champions' wasn't awarded for sailing skill.

I am aware that many of the events next year have a strong SE weighting and know this may prevent some sailors attending the events, however I really wouldn't want to see, say, someone like Stuart, penalised as he hasn't so far to travel to events - he has consistently travelled to events in previous years and sailed well and it could be using his proposed method that he looses out to a lesser sailor because they had to travel further. I would suggest leaving the 'Champion of Champions' as it is - awarded for sailing skill, possibly introducing one ro two discards so you don't get penalised too much for missing one/two events.

A separate award could then be given on some other 'points' system either such as Stuart suggests or purely on miles travelled/events attended over the season.

By pursuading our home clubs to host 'traveller' events ensures there is one event that involves minimum travel (yes - it does entail a lot of work but if nobody was prepared to do it there would be no opens - however I do realise this is not always possible or as in some cases there may be a clash of dates).

I think Colin and Isobel have done a great job organising events next year (a job few of us would relish!) but perhaps the following year we need to ensure they are spread around a little more - so we all need to get suggestions of possible clubs to them as early as possible to make their job as easy as it can be.

Although it is nice to win some silverware it's not the main reason most of us do opens. I think most people who attend opens enjoy them and try to make it to other events (even if it is only those that are relatively local) so really the key must be to somehow entice people along the first time (any suggestions how?). Training is always a good way to introduce people to the 'circuit' so I think this is where we need to continue to put effort in - possibly as a local level??


[Edited by Jane_Mark Buzz 847 on 18-Oct-06 14:01]

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