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Author Topic: Why are you not coming? Help us to help you.
Pete Lindley Posted: 10-Oct-07 13:05
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I thought I would start a new thread based on Lloyds post on the 'ISO inlands at Bewl - who is coming?' thread, which was:

Lloyd Walker Posted: 10-Oct-07 09:28

Hi Rob
I agree with you. It would be good for the class if someone from Hydes came along as they may be inclined to help with PR as it is in their interest as well as W&W. I have e-mailed W&W to this affect. What worries me is scince this thread started there are more responses saying people are not coming than people saying they are!!!

So the point of this thread is:

There are over 700 ISO's out there. Our Google map shows 89 boats registered:

Any chance the non regulars to the board and circuit, could please post their thoughts? Our close nit community (the committee and the regulars) might have our blinkers on and have forgotten what the newbies really want. What are WE missing?

The committee / class are an active lot - not ones who don't care, in the past 4 years:
- We changed sail manufacturer to Hydes who made the sails look sexier, cheaper? more efficient, a little faster, Hydes can also provide sails.
- The rules are opened up to let people tweak whilst keeping that part non cheque book sailing.
- We dumped Topper and moved to Wet & Windy, because Topper lost interest and couldn't provide for us any more.
- We have the ISO moulds and have a new hull manufacturer.
- We have always been a friendly bunch, easy to approach and talk to.

BUT we are still missing 611 boats! We want to communicate with you all.

Are the remaining 611 boats actually sailing?
If so where?
Do they know the class association or the website exists?
I know the circuit is based in the south, but the chicken and egg - we can't go north because there are no boats (that we know of) but there aren't any boats because we don't go north!
There was a northern circuit at one time, but that fizzled out and was dropped. Do we need more region orientated circuits? If so we need boats to travel. If boats aren't travelling then why not?
Do we need more socials?

So enough of the feeble, my arm hurts, I'm washing my hair, I got married this year, I was doing the house DIY last year type excuses... Please give us your thoughts and opinions as to what we can do to help you get into action which in return will help the class with no extra effort.

See you at Bewl (now the house DIY has near on finished and our wedding is over and done).

Pete Lindley
ISO 1013 'Team RWO'

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SpellerMike Posted: 11-Oct-07 16:03
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;-) Pete.. you did have the advantage of getting your diy and wedding arrangements done whilst you were off 'sick' from work though!!
neilgbj Posted: 12-Oct-07 18:38
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If it helps.........

We are new owners this year and have only been to one event. The main reason for this is that my sons have other sailing committments. However, we are trying to get to more events as we learnt more about the boat on that one event than we have doing the 'trial and error' method in local/club events. I think the class can only do so much but there is a lot of competition out there. Most cannot match the ISO for best fun for your money ..........

I bought mine as the result of the really positive and friendly input at the dinghy show, as a family we thought it was the best allround stand and the boats looked great. There is a misconception (this from younger sailors at my club ) that the ISO is a bit of an 'old blokes boat' (I can hear the general choking on beer) but not quite fitting the image etc (although they like our club Buzzes !). Is it an image problem ? get some youngsters on the stand at the dinghy show ?

In terms of getting more to events perhaps regional reps might work to hassle and cajole/support etc. How about everyone making a really big effort for one event further North (such as the Nationals in North Wales)to spread the word.....

Just general thoughts for a Friday night but hope to be at events next year and I don't think we should do too much navel gazing as the boat is great and the events are as well. The support from the class association is excellent and it seems everyone who turns up at events has a great time........sounds like a winning formula to me !

Neil (603)

Mark Allatson ISO685 Posted: 27-Oct-07 21:07
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A few thoughts from a northern sailor regarding the open circuit. I have just started sailing an ISO this year and as yet haven't ventured onto the race circuit. The first reason for this is that we aren't ready yet - still learning to sail the thing, and my son who crews for me is new to sailing. We would be interested in a training event next year, but for us based on North Yorkshire it's a very long way to the south east, even an event or two in the midlands would be easier. Strangely Kielder is also a long way from us as well - being right up on the scottish border. Most boats do seem to be southern so its understandable that most events are down that way - but possibly an event at Draycote or Rutland or somewhere like that may be a compromise to attract some Northern and Midlands boats.

Mark 685

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