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Author Topic: Dinghy Show 2008
Bob Ladell Posted: 13-Oct-07 21:39
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Hi All

It's that time of year when the RYA come knocking on the door to book stand space - which I've booked verbally.

As many know, I've organised the Show for the last several years but work commitments both now and for the beginning of next year are such that I can not guarantee to be in the UK at that time and make it happen as for the last 5 years. It’s time for someone else to take it on.

The Class needs a volunteer to step forwards and take on the organisation including setup ( half day on the Friday ), manning ( being there and getting other volunteers sorted for the weekend ) and end of Show break down ( 45 minutes with appropriate help). We know how to do it so it really is just winding the handle.

What I can do to help the volunteer(s) is :-

- Help fill in the paperwork - due with RYA end September, so it's already late

- Help with the contacts for co-ordination – via e-mail

- Provide support via e-mail

- Provide the stand materials – we have carpet and all the stand back drop from last year

Setting up the stand is easy with the help of three or four other pairs of hands. Publicity and pictures aren’t hard – Jim did a great job with it this year.

I really think we should be at the Show in 2008 to promote the Classes with the aim of promoting membership and an exciting 2008 circuit – as well as the merits of the boats transformed by the Hyde sails.

Offers asap please



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