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Author Topic: What is RAM
computersaga Posted: 06-Nov-21 06:43
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RAM is temporary storage that goes away when the power turns off. So what is RAM used for, then? Itís very fast, which makes it ideal for things the computer is actively working on, such as applications that are currently running (for example, the web browser in which youíre reading this article) and the data those applications work on or with (such as this article).
It can help to think about RAM with the analogy of a physical desktop. Your working space ó where you scribble on something immediately ó is the top of the desk, where you want everything within armís reach and you want no delay in finding anything. Thatís RAM In Hindi , if you want to keep anything to work on later, you put it into a desk drawer ó or store it on a hard disk, either locally or in the cloud.
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