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Author Topic: wood flooring industry Development
dreamgofashion Posted: 09-Mar-18 02:52
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<p>do not have enough R & D capability and most enterprises do not have Form a true R & D system and think that the first 15 years of the development of Chinese enterprises should form their own unique R & D team, <a href=''>train bridge retaining wall</a>laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company rather than blindly seeking the immediate benefits. We know that Huawei is a very successful enterprise among private-owned enterprises. We should </p>
<p>know that Huawei, just like many trading companies, <a href=''>composite fence uk suppliers</a>just made the difference in price among them in the late 1990s. Now why is it becoming an international big company? Its long-term independent research and development are inseparable. Flooring industry has been developing for more than two decades, but each year to pay some countries in Europe and America hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties, although many </p>
<p>companies have developed their own team,<a href=''>exterior plywood deck</a> but the cost of business investment is rather limited. Nature, Fulin, St. elephants and other veteran flooring companies can be said that China's wood flooring industry leader, on the surface nature from Morgan Stanley, Mannington and other foreign giant companies how much money to absorb, how much technology , But in fact some of the bulk of foreign countries are just envious of China's </p>
social business Posted: 15-Mar-18 04:38
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