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Author Topic: Why do I need a VIN check?
fanka Posted: 14-Oct-20 23:03
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Why do I need a VIN check?
The VIN provides two main functions: it identifies the vehicle and carries information about it. It is the first one indicated in the registration documents for the car, such as the vehicle passport or registration certificate. From the VIN, you can get information about where and when the car was manufactured and what configuration it received at the manufacturer. Well, except for VIN, you can track the history of the car and find out how much he had owners, whether it was in an accident, is in pledge, is not listed as stolen and there are no constraints on registration procedure.
You can VIN check for free via VinRush
Where can I find a VIN?
The vehicle identification number is duplicated in several places this makes it easier to find it, and more reliable to protect it from illegal actions. Depending on the car, you can find the VIN under the windshield, on the threshold or driver's door post, on the engine shield partition, on the front shock absorber "Cup", on the engine, and at some other points. It is worth noting that the VIN can be stamped directly on the body, or on a special license plate attached to the body on rivets.

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