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Author Topic: tips online If youe looking
dreamgofashion Posted: 24-Feb-19 02:36
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of food cans or recycle old ice-cream tubs. Alternatively, wrap several layers of newspaper around an old jam jar and tuck the ends into the open end of the jar. Once that done, remove the glass mould and use it to flatten the bottom of your new seed starting pot, securing with sticky tape if necessary. Make your own compost Making your own compost
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requires time and energy, but it could save you a lot of money in the long-run ? so it definitely worth doing. Most things can be composted, but it essential to use a balance of green products (such as animal manure, soft green cuttings, poultry bedding, coffee grounds and raw vegetable peelings from your kitchen) and brown products (including fallen leaves,
cardboard tubes, old bedding plants and tough hedge clippings). Meat, fish and cooked foods can attract rodents, so avoid using these items altogether or somekeyword. Swap and share gardening tips online If youe looking to save money throughout 2012, talk to other gardening enthusiasts on online forums. Green-fingered professionals will share their
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