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Author Topic: opportunity for the flooring industry
dreamgofashion Posted: 12-Mar-18 13:37
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<p>flooring industry is far more complicated than ever, but as long as entrepreneurs stand at a higher point of their own development to think about the development of the industry,<a href=''>best brand of waterproof laminate flooring for kitchen</a> creating value-added hundred enterprises will be even faster, of course, the flooring industry is no exception .[url=
]lowes wood deck veneer reviews[/url]This year, Rui Jia floor general manager Yuan Yide published in a blog, "Please do not take the floor thickness that thing" aroused a lot of ripples in the </p>
<p>industry. The past two years,<a href=''>how to build a deck frame for a 30 foot round pool</a> the flooring industry has been not peaceful, from the E0 trademark dispute, the base material prices this year floor 8 mm and 12 mm battle, in fact, these are purely commercial practices. Yuan Yide stressed that the floor is not a high-tech product,[url=]high fire resistance composite deck designs[/url] do not make some conceptual things so profound, eventually misleading consumers. Background: The downturn in the industry this year is a particularly crucial year for </p>
<p>the flooring industry.<a href=''>compass rose for decks</a> Mr YUAN said that I was chatting with some friends in the circle, including some raw material suppliers and the leaders of our association, and it was generally felt that the market was very light in the first half of the year. Also said that many brand sales are not satisfactory. There are some brands basically can not find the direction. I think they talk about the market light,[url=
]patios and decks pictures[/url] can not find the direction, it should be a signal. </p>

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