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Author Topic: large-scale production has made resources
dreamgofashion Posted: 15-Mar-18 03:13
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<p>already in a cold winter.<a href=''>cost of stockade fence</a> Wang Ji, a person in charge of a floor company in Henan, disclosed that the company’s original foreign customers had not placed orders. Some of the company's flooring and wooden doors are mainly sold to the European and American markets.[url=]hardwood distributors minnesota[/url] Under the influence of the global economic downturn, overseas markets have been trapped and sales of the company have been deteriorating. Orders have shrunk more </p>
<p>than last year. “Over the past 10 years,<a href=''>wood floor liquidators jacksonville</a> the average growth rate of the flooring industry was as high as 22.2%, while the average growth rate of China’s GDP was only 15.3%. This was mainly due to the related effects brought about by the boom in the real estate market.[url=]what decking material should i use[/url] At this stage, the government implemented real estate regulation policies and the downstream floors. The industry has also been greatly affected,” said an interview with </p>
<p>a reporter from the China Sankei Shimbun newspaper, <a href=''&
gt;porch ceiling composite</a>a staff member who declined to be named in the floor committee of the China Forest Product Industry Association. Moreover, the floor industry is a labor-intensive industry. With the continuous rise in labor costs and raw materials,[url=]cost comparison for composite fence materials[/url] the paradox now present in flooring companies is that the cost of flooring is constantly rising, floor prices are hard to rise, and industry profits are declining. </p>

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