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Author Topic: floor prices are hard to rise
dreamgofashion Posted: 15-Mar-18 12:54
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<p>In recent years, the prosperity of the real estate market has driven the rapid development of the middle and lower reaches industries, and the flooring industry naturally benefits from them.<a href='
'>how much labor to install 4 panels of privacy fence</a> However, with the introduction of a series of real estate restrictions on purchase policies,[url=
]10 foot tall stockade fence[/url] the flooring industry has begun to enter the "winter", and shrinking external demand makes this "cold winter" even colder. </p>
<p>How the flooring industry weathered this cold "winter"<a href=''&g
t;deck made out of resin</a> has become a problem for many flooring companies. Many companies are also trying new marketing methods while ensuring product quality and service upgrades. The cold wave struck on Nature Home Furnishing Chairman Ruan Xuebin told the [url=
]smooth deck board multipack[/url]"China Sankei Shimbun" reporter that the "EU wood and wood products regulations and new environmental protection design directives" </p>
<p>were formally passed,<a href='
'>veranda wood construction floor uv protection</a> requiring all manufacturers on the wood production and processing sales chain must Submit basic information such as the origin of the wood, the country and the forest, the volume and weight of the wood, and the name and address of the log supplier, etc.,[url=]glass roof on deck[/url] to prove the legality of the source of the wood. Needless to say, this move will put a head to the Chinese furniture and wood floor export companies that are </p>

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