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Author Topic: recommend the large company
dreamgofashion Posted: 16-Mar-18 01:23
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that competes without foreword. Because cost is high,recommend the large company of foreign product line cannot compete with manual production company and be in [url=]ein wood composites[/url] deficit or stop production condition in succession, and the low that the malign competition that the enterprise seeks low cost blindly makes finally do not accord with GB to set in great quantities is inferior plank floods the market.

But the binder that the [url=]cost of production of wpc[/url] development that the mainest reason that brings about man-made board industry to enter trough is man-made board industry however is having outstanding contribution -- Niao aldehyde glue. Because the low cost of Niao aldehyde glue, high bonding strength, easy preparation is carried,wait for an advantage, world man-made board the [url=]plastic wood panels production process[/url] industry uses his extensively to serve

as binder. Be in abroad, 60 time is beginning 20 century namely the hand solves formaldehyde to release a problem. Europe, Japan,
United States already going up [url=]plastic outdoor wall art[/url] 90 time made the century strict formaldehyde releases a level, among them Europe and Japan still published level of class of man-made plank E0, FC0 grade respectively, namely formaldehyde releases a quantity to be only 0. of ^

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