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Author Topic: companies are saving costs and cutting
dreamgofashion Posted: 16-Mar-18 13:59
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<p>Manufacture Stores in Changsha City is more than 1200 square meters. Mr. <a href='
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<p>the stores, the floor storage direct sales stores are also shy and can't escape the pressure of rent. This also hinders the development of this model.On February 8,<a href='
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<p>by wood flooring companies have unsatisfactory indexes such as thickness,<a href=''>wood effect vinyl flooring</a> width, and film adhesion. Industry insiders pointed out that companies are saving costs and cutting corners. This is a major reason for such large-scale enterprises as Yihua Wood,[url=]flooring for sun porch[/url] or there are problems such as poor management and despise of floor business. Wang Shaofang, secretary-general of the Shanghai Timber Industry Association, told the reporter of the </p>

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