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Author Topic: Enterprise encyclopedia
dreamgofashion Posted: 19-Mar-18 01:19
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Product encyclopedia | Enterprise encyclopedia | Talent center | Secondhand wooden machine your position: Homepage of website of Chinese timber industry - center of [url=]pontoon fence panel replacement[/url] wooden trade news Exit of wood of bamboo of 3 bright city soars first quarter Issue date: 2002-4-20 origin: The reporter does understanding to from municipal government, export of wood of bamboo of 3 bright city increases

considerably first quarter, exported [url=]fireproof pvc deck boards[/url] 1.546 million dollar in all, than last year the corresponding period grows 262.1% . Examine according to condition of 3 bright discrepancy quarantine bureau analysis thinks, this year is our country joins WTO the first year, ming Xi makes the same score wooden industry greatly limited company, You Xi industry of 100 battalion [url=]public areas composite decking product[/url] timber a lot of production

companies of 3 bright city such as limited company, to develop an international market for a long time, mostly by changed self-supporting outcome for exit of [url=]Economical Ideas Wpc Outdoor Decking Board Online[/url] company of goods foreign trade before. This is 3 bright one of main reasons that export of Shou Jizhu wood increases considerably. As environmental protection idea strengthen ceaselessly, in things of tableware of furniture,

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