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Author Topic: garden tasks are required every fall
dreamgofashion Posted: 17-Apr-19 06:48
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October. Bring in your last gourds in the weeks leading up to Halloween; they will keep for quite a long time in a cool, well-ventilated space. Autumn is the time to strip the garden of its last harvest. 2. Prune trees and shrubs. Roses should be cut back hard in the fall. Prune any tree branches that
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are liable to break in winter storms at this time, as well. Be especially vigilant about branches that overhang over your cedar fence materials. If these branches fell down during a tempest, they could seriously damage your fence materials. Those with green thumbs should also deadhead rhododendrons,
fuchsias and other flowering shrubs in the fall. 3. Remove leaves and other plant debris. To promote air circulation and overall growth, rake your lawn of all leaves and debris. Cedar fence materials should also be cleared of debris. Otherwise, mold and mildew are liable to grow, which is damaging to
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