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Author Topic: factor affecting the flooring industry
dreamgofashion Posted: 20-Mar-18 13:35
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<p>consumers leads to “downturn” in floor sales.<a href=''&
gt;how much trespa panel</a> Consumers are more and more rational in their actions to deceive consumers. In order to promote sales, distributors have repeatedly introduced measures such as discounts, sweepstakes, consumer coupons, and winning points,[url=]veranda hidden deck fastener pricing[/url] and they have not promoted profit growth beyond spending short-term psychological satisfaction. Businesses pondering consumer psychology, consumers are also </p>
<p>pondering the psychology of the business:<a href='
'>diy deck plans with composite material italy</a> When will the business really cut prices, let consumers benefit? Market economy so far, consumers have long tried the impulse of consumption, "rational Consumption has become synonymous with current consumerism. With the abundance of information and the increase of information channels,[url=]what does hollow to floor mean in dress size[/url] consumers can obtain the required information in different ways. Consumer awareness of products has </p>
<p>now risen from the level of style and price to the level of quality and cultural connotation.<a href='
'>how much does 700 square feet of composite decking cost</a> Choose a cost-effective flooring product. To imitate the trend blindly as a flooring company, you must first have a clear position on your product. Product positioning includes not only the orientation of design, but also the positioning of market segments, target consumer groups and brand values. [url=]geolam wood composite price[/url]It needs to continuously guide the consumer groups, </p>

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