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Author Topic: siding are deteriorating
xiao1235 Posted: 06-May-19 04:09
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building. Vines and ivy growing on buildings all tend to hold moisture against the structure and trim. This also provides pest entry opportunities. In severe case, depending upon the type of vines, root systems, or attachment nodes, can damage siding or enter building, often through trim areas, providing a direct path for moisture into the building. What Is
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Needed To Protect a Building from Moisture Intrusion? Management of the forces that drive moisture to and through the building envelope. Moisture comes in four forms ?solid, liquid, vapor, and absorbed. Moisture investigation is difficult because the moisture can change forms and the analyst must hunt down all clues. Water kills buildings. Think about
the ways moisture can enter a building. Alan Trauger is a Building Consultant that performs property condition assessments for residential and commercial properties. An experienced and knowledgeable problem solver, understanding processes and issues related to building structures and their systems. An expert witness, trainer, and educator. To
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