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Author Topic: run on to the underside of horizontal
dreamgofashion Posted: 06-May-19 06:51
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outcome. The siding should be placed at least 4?to 8?above grade to protect the system and structure from moisture damage. Visual inspection should reveal seeing some of the foundation above grade and below the siding. Foundations are designed to withstand moisture in the soil. People may not like the appearance of exposed foundation, but from a
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functional standpoint it is necessary. Siding materials placed too close to the roof surfaces will also keep the materials constantly wet. Siding materials should be kept a minimum of one to two inches above the roof surface. Planters and gardens should not be built against the home or structure. A raised planter with three sides and the building acting as the
fourth side is a poor arrangement. Siding materials are not designed to be in contact the earth. Having planters against the structure can have grave implications for the buildings. Raised planters close to the building should have four sides and should be set out at least two inches from the siding. This is not a common detail, but it is a lot easier on the
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