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Author Topic: flooring industry is not immune
dreamgofashion Posted: 21-Mar-18 02:12
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<p>floor companies are more prone to bankruptcy.<a href='
'>is there any disadvantage to composite decking</a> “The continuous decline in floor sales means that many companies face the threat of closure. At this time, it is an effective way to resist the cold.” Wu Bibian, secretary general of the Jiangsu Timber Industry Association,[url=
]how to build a second deck porch[/url] told reporters that China’s nearly two How many of the thousands of flooring companies are companies that have their own core competitiveness? Can say no more than </p>
<p>10%, this is the weakness of the flooring industry.<a href='
'>wood composite for outdoor furniture</a> However, the outside world is widely circulated through the 2008 reshuffling and integration, the number of floor companies will be reduced to more than 300 homes, Wu edge that is impossible. He pointed out that most of the companies in the flooring industry are small-scale family-owned companies with few fixed assets and no bank debt. When the market is not good, [url=
]adding acrylic panels to wood deck[/url]they will dismiss the </p>
<p>workers and shut down the plant to hibernate; when the market warms up,<a href='
'>lightweight free wood composite deck qatar</a> they will quickly recruit workers and start production. As the winter comes, small and medium-sized flooring companies will have stubborn vitality like rats. What really threatens is tigers—large enterprises.[url=]ultr
adeck 2x4 sleeve[/url] Because tigers need to eat a lot of meat to survive, shuffles and closures start with large enterprises in the flooring industry. The public manufacturers are earning </p>

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