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Author Topic: development of the flooring industry
dreamgofashion Posted: 22-Mar-18 09:03
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<p>person in charge of the Ministry of Finance stated that the consumption tax was levied on solid wood flooring as a new tax item in order to encourage the conservation of wood resources and protect the ecological environment.<a href='
'>pvc exterior wall panel rate in kerala</a> Gao Zhihua told the First Financial Daily yesterday that China is a country with a lack of forest resources.[url=
]buy pvc flooring online india[/url] Solid wood flooring consumes a large amount of wood. The relevant departments collect consumption </p>
<p>tax and use economic leverage to allocate resources. [url=]siesta decking reviews[/url]Gao Zhihua told this reporter that 5% is a relatively modest tax rate, although it is charged to the floor companies, but this part of the cost will eventually be transferred to consumers. Hu Zaoqi, director of Brand Management Center of Guangdong Yingbin Nature Wood Co., Ltd., a large-scale solid wood flooring company in China,<a href='
'>connect aluminum gazebo to deck</a> believes that levying consumption tax will lead to a rise </p>
<p>in the retail price of solid wood flooring.[url=
]hot sale exterior hollow pvc decking dock board[/url] Solid wood flooring is a kind of noble consumer goods, the price is higher than solid wood flooring, laminate flooring. Calculated according to the current average price of 300 yuan per square meter, the average per household pavement is 50 to 60 square meters. If a 5% consumption tax is levied, "the total price will increase by nearly 1,000 yuan."<a href='
'>pvc paneling rate per square feet</a> Gao Zhihua believes that levying consumption tax </p>

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