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Author Topic: Jon's stupid questions
Jon Keast Posted: 12-Jul-07 19:29
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I have been following Dave's SQ thread with interest. I've had my Buzz (1062 kept at St Ives SC, Cornwall) for a couple of years and have had loads of fun with it. Up to now I have set up the rig according to the method in the owners book. But! I still don't seem to point very well. This is no doubt mostly incompetence but I am looking for something else to blame so I want to check the rig settings.

The way I set up the rig is:
1. lean mast back in gate,
2. pin shrouds where they dangle - for me this is the top hole,
3. tension shrouds up to 26 on the gauge - this is then position 1.

However, I have just measured the rake to check it against the figures at the bottom of the tuning guide and it is nowhere near the same. I measured by pulling a tape up the mast using the main halyard with the rig fully tensioned as above, with swatcher off but without the main or boom in place.

My measurements are roughly: 7300mm to the top surface of the very rear of the deck alongside the pintle housing (bit of hull that sicks up at the back to attach the rugger to) or 7100mm to the very rear of the top surface of the pintle housing. Bit of a mouthful, sorry.

My questions are:
1. From where to where are the rake measurements taken?
2. What do I do to correct any discrepancy? I assume I cannot move the mast foot but what else can I adjust?

I did question the spreader settings but used another bit of info on this site to set them. They are currently set with both inner adjustment bolts in the frontmost holes and one clear hole showing at the end - I assumed this to be one hole with the wire in it and one without sticking out.

As a last point with the rig set up as above I find the mast is very straight. Applying any swatcher causes it to invert. There is some bend once the main is up and more with kicker, mainsheet or cunningham but this seems wrong to me. As if the spreaders are not right or the shrouds too long.

Sorry for the very long and detailed message but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Happy buzzing!
Stu B Posted: 12-Jul-07 22:24
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Sounds like you're using the correct method, don't know what my mast rake is but do the same, ie lean mast against back of gate then connect shrouds, usually this matches up to the 2nd or 3rd hole down, but this obviously depends on the length of your shrouds.

I use between 20 and 25 as rig tension, but measured on the forestay, which i know is unlike most boats, but this is what's recommended in the rigging guide. My spreaders are set with the inner bolt fully forward (ie front of the 4 holes), the other angle setting in the front of the 2 holes and the lengths are set the same as yours.

You are measuring the mast rake correctly, but cant comment more without seeing the boat, so you best bring it along to the Nationals at Herne Bay, it's only a short journey to the other side of the country!! We may do Paignton Week as well which is a bit closer to you.

With regard to pointing, a Buzz should point fairly well, but not as well as many other boats, so concentrate on where you're pointing rather than others is probably your best bet.

Buzz 763.
dt Posted: 13-Jul-07 08:03
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Jon, at the risk of the blind leading the blind, I had a similar issue, but my shrouds are much longer. They actually hit the deck, so I put them in the bottom-most hole.

Looking at the boat though the mast looked like it had a lot of rake, so I've raised them by one.

Still looks well raked, so I think I'm going to try another hole up.

I know it's not very scientific, but you lean the mast back, fix the shrouds, then you tension the jib halyard. On the most tension how far forward in the gate does the mast come? That should be a quick indicator. I can get it to about the centre, or maybe just past if I really try.

Looking at Stu's picture 029 (apologies to those not seen it) the mast looks well forward, so perhaps I need another hole (or two).
Jon Keast Posted: 17-Jul-07 17:04
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Stuart an DT,

DT and Stu,

Thanks for your repsonses.

Stu, it would help to see how another Buzz is set up but you are right it is quite a long way to the Nationals from here!

DT, my mast looks like it has only a little rake when fully tensioned plus the shrouds only just reach the top holes when the mast is at the back of the gate - the opposite of yours. I've looked at the position of the mast within the gate when tensioned and it is nearer the front than the back with swatcher off so quite different.

It might be useful to check the measurement from mast foot to back of transom, i'll get the tape out and post it up. I will also measure shroud length. Although it sounds as though there is an acceptable range for this if they are falling either above the top hole or below the bottom I would have thought something was wrong.

I'm sailing tomorrow night so will measure then.



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