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Author Topic: current lumber price
dreamgofashion Posted: 26-Mar-18 02:18
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expresses, current lumber price is too low, do not accord with cost effectiveness. The 9 Xian timber mill that company place belongs to, plan gross reduction in [url=]privacy picket fence ideas[/url] production 100 million cubic metre foot lumber. The personage inside course of study points out, do not list bump the cost price of Colombian province lumber is every 1000 cubic metre foot 250 dollar, that is to say, current price is

lose money in business. [url=]alternative to wood for walkway[/url] Does Jiangsu Changzhou harbor develop energetically lumber harbor : ? Depend on of bottom of discharge c subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Jiangsu Changzhou harbor develops energetically " lumber harbor " Issue date: 2002-11-28 origin: 2002 first half of the year, harbor of Changzhou of the Yangtse River finishs handling capacity 609 thousand tons, and among them lumber

handling capacity amounts to 100 thousand tons, those who became a tunnel " lumber harbor " . A network of rivers of Su Na Changzhou is densely covered, extend in all directions, crisscross of freely of advanced course highway, communication is very easy. In the meantime, su Na, North Jiangsu is one of areas with the largest demand of our country lumber. Changzhou harbor invests tens of all

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