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Author Topic: international furniture March
dreamgofashion Posted: 26-Mar-18 07:11
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ulcer ton row? Guangzhou will hold fair of 9 international furniture March Issue date: 2002-2-24 origin: Exposition of furniture of international of Guangzhou of [url=]wood powder for wood plastics fence[/url] the 9th China will on March 18 - 21 days of China that are in Guangzhou export trade fair exhibition to hold. From Guangzhou of Chinese foreign trade exhibition company learns, dimensions of current furniture grand meeting will be

achieved all previous new tall, [url=]faux brick hardboard singapore[/url] exhibit an area to predict to exceed 60 thousand square metre, grow 20 than previous term or session. The gross that postpone business makes an appointment with 550, the well-known company of the 10 many countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy and area also will declare one's views Guangzhou. Current exposition holds to major to do [url=]private durable fence in austria[/url] exhibit and

professional cent house. Among them, household furniture remains a grand opera, exhibition area amounts to 30 thousand square metre; Fittings and Yuan Fucai expect only the house gathers together about a hundred domestic and international supplier, will become this year the new viewpoint of exposition; [url=]wood floor by the yard luxembourg[/url] Various curtain, bedding, elegant cloth art also will exhibit a stage now together with

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