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Author Topic: darling of the integration
dreamgofashion Posted: 06-Sep-19 07:55
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<p>long time to face such a ceiling shape, people will feel irritable, family members easily conflict, there are differences of opinion. Fourth, the ceiling color should not light traditional culture principle of qi, qingqing light floating, heavy and declining, that is, 'Tianqing muddy' argument. Decorative ceiling design living room, you can according to </p>
<p>'clear sky' principle to consider. No matter what kind of material is used, it is better than the color of the floor and wall, otherwise it will give a top-heavy oppression, long life will make the family spirit depressed, forming a 'top-heavy' feeling. Traditional culture believes that the 'top-heavy' home pattern symbolizes 'long-term disorder', that is, </p>
<p>young people mentally rebellious, disobedient elders discipline and leadership. Five, hidden lights to make up for lack of lighting The house ventilation lighting is good, is to determine the direction of the house and apartment layout is one of the elements. Room should give people a bright feeling, if the original type of lighting is not enough, then </p>

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