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Author Topic: have to appreciate your garden
xiao1235 Posted: 08-Oct-19 01:57
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find that you enjoy your gardening more from the luxury of your new decking. If you are lucky enough to have the sunniest part of the garden next to your house it will be a lot easier to have the decking installed next to the back wall of the house. Garden decking is not difficult to install and can be placed on the existing path or grass so there is not too
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much back breaking work involved. Depending on the area to be covered this can be done in one or two days. If you want to be more adventurous and extend the decking or even have raised decking it would be advisable to employ an expert for this kind of work. Your local garden centre usually have names of people who can help with this. You can
also add to your garden decking at a later stage as you find that you are utilising the space a lot more than you did with an ordinary lawn. You can also incorporate the decking with any existing features such as a gravel path or paving slabs. To extend the life of your decking it is important to maintain it properly. It can also become slippery after a rainfall
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