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Author Topic: Training weekend report
Mark Jane Buzz847 Posted: 29-Oct-04 19:19
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Buzz training at Chew Valley

Last weekend (Oct 22/34) the forecast was ominous and it didn’t fail to deliver producing some very testing conditions to run a training weekend, arranged by Chris Hardcastle, for about 10 Buzzes of mixed ability. The venue was Chew Valley SC which seemed to suit the Buzz sailors from the south west and south of the country.

The first morning was spent with Pete Lindley (of Yachts and Yachting fame!) standing in the rain while we sheltered in the boat shed as he showed us how to rig up for various wind strengths. Lots of top tips on all the controls - in particular most of us found that our kickers were not set up to de-power the rig sufficiently. By the time we were ready to hit the water the wind had strengthened and only about half the group decided to brave the conditions. Some faired better than others, with Andrew and Claire taking top honours with no capsizes (were they trying hard enough?). Penny had to settle with watching from the shore as she badly cut her finger on Friday while loading the boat and now has 3 stitches. Isobel and Bob faired worst with a broken mast and – cue Andy to dash back to Wet and Windy for a new one, impressively having the boat ready to sail before we left the club that night.

Most people then headed to the local pub for a sociable evening with some lively discussions about how to keep the class association alive – at present just a couple of people are flying the flag and they need some help. The general view was that if lots of people do just a little it will really help (hence we ‘volunteered’ to do a write up of the training and Isobel and Jude are getting involved with the web-site). Please post any offers of help (however small or insignificant it may seem) on the message board.

Sunday morning dawned brighter, with some Autumnal sun, but again the wind picked up and only a few boats made it onto the water. The plan was to do some short races but survival instincts took over with boats completing the course in a very random fashion. It did give Pete and Andy the chance to do some videoing (between rescues and jumping in boats to show people first hand). Off the water Pete then toured the half-rigged boats to find ways of improving the set-up – particularly, as mentioned above, most of us need to adjust our kicker set up to allow us to really yank it on, and then some more, in high winds (we pulled on much more on Sunday, along with more outhaul and cunningham, and felt loads more in control than we had on Saturday so it does work). If you are unsure of set-up do check out both the Buzz and ISO web-sites, but even better book on to the next training event.

We retreated in to the training room just in time as the rain lashed against the windows. Watching the video footage gave a useful visual aid for the discussions (and some fun as we could pin-point exactly whose fault the capsizes were!) which covered questions from nearly every participant. We all left having made a few new friends and although it was disappointing that the weather did not enable the training on the water to have been as Pete and Andy had planned a lot of ground was covered over the week-end and I know that we all benefited in some way so thanks to the guys who made it possible and to Chew Valley for hosting.

On leaving Roger suggested trying to get Chew Valley (or any other club) to host a ‘fun’ event for Buzzes – I don’t know if it would be possible but if you are interested in something like this, or know of an event where several buzzes will be competing, post a message as people can't respond if they don’t know.

Anyway pull that kicker on and happy gybing……see you next time.

Jane and Mark

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Chris H Buzz1040 Posted: 05-Nov-04 14:08
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Thanks very much, we'll also put this on the revised website.

Chris H
Pete Lindley Posted: 05-Nov-04 15:39
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Talking of trapezing stance - Laser 5000 Europeans in Garda 2004.

Good pics for screen work only, not bad crewing even if I do say so myself!

Copy and paste the entire link above.

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