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Author Topic: Different floor brands have different product
dreamgofashion Posted: 02-Apr-18 04:39
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<p>a large number of low-cost flats,<a href=''>iron fence ltd china</a> imported flat flooring technology and outdated imported floors, sold at a high price after being modified slightly. At the same time, they also made great propaganda and declared that they “deducted a fine of one fine, a fine of one thousand, and a fine of one thousand.[url=]porch step flooring[/url]” They do not realize that the products they promote are outdated products.Double-column hematoxylin wood beads market news: At </p>
<p>present,<a href=''>wood plastic composite floors sri lanka</a> many timber merchants in the Guangdong market have stopped the import operations of South America, especially in the field of wood, such as double-pillared hematoxylin, gingerbread wood, purple heart and so on. Even some of the well-known merchants shouted out the "clearance" slogan. At present,[url=]carbon fiber hardwood composites world[/url] the market in Guangdong market Zixin hemu diameter 50-60cm reported to 2500-2600 yuan / cubic meter.Flooring is an </p>
<p>indispensable material for modern home decoration.<a href=''>cap composite deck resurfacing reviews</a> However, this year, the flooring market is facing the worst year in history. In 2012, it was only half the time. A considerable number of floor distributors in Nanjing are in a difficult position. Last weekend, the reporter saw in the floor area of ​​a building materials store in Hexi, a floor store just evacuated, the decoration of the store has collapsed,[url=]home decor wpc wall panels[/url]and the original floor brand LOGO at the store </p>
wqwq Posted: 02-Apr-18 07:47
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