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Author Topic: China's new flooring
dreamgofashion Posted: 02-Apr-18 05:34
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<p>floor, baseboard, keel and related accessories specifications, performance and other indicators. To provide a home improvement decorative security, which is also a trend of residential industrialization.
At this stage, with the maturity of the development of the wood flooring industry, the status of the flooring industry has also shown a trend to the brand, the entire industry has begun to show the 'strong constant strong, weak weak constant' situation for small and medium-sized floor Enterprises, in order to maintain long-term sustainable development, flooring companies need to do their basic skills. Facing the cold floor of the real estate companies are facing the threat of real estate boom with the upsurge in the </p>
<p>flooring industry has ushered in another round of cold. 'The overall industry situation of this year has obviously weakened since April, <a href=''>concrete deck waterproofing materials</a>with a slight upsurge in March, but that was the release of the hot real estate transaction from the second half of last year to last year. Compared with the first half of last year, the performance was not very good and the overall consultation The amount of difference is a lot,<a href=''>outdoor patio decks polokwane</a> a lot worse delivery of the number. 'At present the status of the flooring industry can be broadly summarized as: first-tier brands still </p>
<p>real estate market is not yet clear, with the state environmental protection requirements and management of the standardization of the increase, the flooring industry will face a more severe test, the survival of the fittest will only accelerate,<a href=''>per foot cost for cable railing system</a> but the future will only leave a certain Strength also 'brain' business. Flooring companies seeking future development still need to open up their own development channels to label products, improve the channel development model, speed up the introduction of new means of killer, are all floor companies to take a place to implement the move. From this, if you want to be independent of the impact of the upstream home improvement company and the fierce competition in the home </p>
wqwq Posted: 02-Apr-18 07:45
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