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Author Topic: intensive of unripe
dreamgofashion Posted: 02-Apr-18 06:11
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through fast the intensive of unripe afforestation and forest is managed, enlarging lumber to supply the possibility of latent capacity is extensive existence. [url=
]Picket Fence Panels Near Leeds[/url] Fast stranger labour forest is average every hectare can produce per year 2 0m3 lumber, be equivalent to can producing 1 5g cellulose or 30 G timber everyday. According to statistic of Food and Agriculture Organization of

the United Nations, 1 970 year world lumber total fall is 2 4 100 million M3, 1 999 year for 3.6 billion M3. Although world population growth is very fast,[url=]Putting Wood Floors On Your Outdoor Porch[/url] but 2 0 0 0 of 1 960 ` year wastage maintains the lumber of average per capita between to be controlled in 0.7m3 changeless. 3. abandons old lumber and wood products (if abandon old paper, useless old timber and product) it

is for the most part but biology degradation material, can bring into raw material completely to undertake circular using. In production of particieboard of [url=]residential wood composite wall cladding hyderabad[/url] European each country, the useless old lumber, proportion that machines leftover pieces is larger and larger, the loop that with respect to indication move lumber regards raw material as uses a dominant position. 1 970 year of
wqwq Posted: 02-Apr-18 07:45
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