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Author Topic: power of the enterprise competition
dreamgofashion Posted: 02-Apr-18 13:13
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<p>power of the enterprise competition, including service, channel and brand competition, consumers gradually reduce the sensitivity of the price, so the future floor industry concentration will be faster than other industries to enhance. To prevent the aging ideology of dealers Many companies originally a single distribution model has been difficult to support the market, with the spread of high-altitude advertising and the reduction of the impact of manufacturers capital battle, <a href="">front flooring sale</a> the focus of market sales either closer to consumers or</p>
<p> more and more , The county, township market sinks; most manufacturers can only seek to break through the regional marketing model. The author believes that the breakout focus of regional marketing mode should be based on China's national conditions, starting from human capital, service improvement and other aspects, so the breakthrough focus is direct marketing, terminal promotion, community service database marketing model. Just to meet the needs of consumers, the use of conventional practices is far from enough, to obtain </p>
<p>market initiative,<a href="">wood slat privacy wall</a> must obtain the initiative in marketing competition. The market is the battlefield, we must develop special strategies for special markets, from the marketing model, organizational structure and service system and other breakthroughs and innovations in order to win the competition, and ultimately win the market.<a href="">plastic wood deck rawlings</a> Enterprises may never be able to fully meet the individual needs of consumers, but can become the industry leader. Flooring industry to a certain stage of development, and gradually move to the maturity of the </p>

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