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Author Topic: Floor distributors are in urgent
dreamgofashion Posted: 02-Apr-18 15:06
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<p>they went to a third-tier city and opened a floor store.<a href=''>composite decking pennsylvania</a> As long as the rent is only 20 or 30 yuan per square meter, the light rent will save at least 300,000 yuan." Mr. said. Floor distributors are in urgent need of manufacturers to “help” In the three of the food chain of the floor: stores, manufacturers and distributors, the risk is high, the first attack and the weakest anti-risk ability is definitely the dealer.[url=
]build a ground level free standing deck[/url] Among the hundreds of floor </p>
<p>distributors in Nanjing, this year has not been too tired.<a href=''>what is a polymer deck</a> In Nanjing, there are still more than 4 stores. Shanghai Cao Youbao, general manager of WorldFriends Floor, may be one of them. He summed up the reasons for this and believed that it was mainly supported by manufacturers.[url=]2x6 or 2x8 for decking[/url] Cao Youbao said that under such an unusually cold background this year, there are no incentives to engage in activities that basically do not attract people. </p>
<p>There are advertising costs, promotion costs, gifts on the gifts,<a href=''>decking timber melbourne</a> manpower costs, and so on. "Every year we engage in every promotional event, the Worldfriends flooring manufacturers will basically give support, such as a promotional event with a cost of 100,000 yuan,[url=]two sided composite wood deck[/url] the manufacturer subsidies 50,000 yuan, and the dealers themselves bear 50,000 yuan, even if this event The income is only 70,000 yuan, not even the cost will be paid </p>

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