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Author Topic: the corresponding period
xiao1235 Posted: 03-Apr-18 10:51
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value comparing to go up growth of year of the corresponding period 9. P , the joint stock company increases a value to grow 11. 9 ; The foreign trader invests an [url=]new composite product protection[/url] enterprise to increase a value to grow 11. 5 . 2 it is weight industry production all presents rapidder growth. Light industry and heavy industry grow 10 respectively. 9 and 11 , general synchronism grows. The

silk in light industry product, [url=]excellent decks made of plastic[/url] dress grows 17 compared to the same period. 4 and 15 , furniture grows 34 , air conditioning of washing machine, room implement, color television, laser inspects the amplitude of durable consumer goods such as dish of machine to be in 13. 4 - 55. Between 4 . Output of coal of Central Plains of heavy [url=]high density plastic flooring for dog run[/url] industry product grows 21 compared to

the same period. 9 , rolled steel of steel, finished product, cement, plate glass and car compared to the same period amplitude is in 12 - 20. Between P [url=]outdoor design new products[/url] . Chemical fertilizer, pesticide grows 14 respectively. 5 and 13. 4 . Product of main message communication continues to maintain rapid growth, computer of machine of microwave communication equipment, mobile telephone,

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