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Author Topic: How to Live Well With Your Type 2 Diabetes
francenefrayer Posted: 07-May-20 05:31
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Symptoms often comprehend affect urination, increased thirst, and inc
reased starve. If larboard untreated, diabetes mellitus can action man
y complications. Acute complications can include diabetic ketoacidosis
, hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nation, or death. Serious long-term compl
ications end cardiovascular sickness, power, settled habit disease, la
nd ulcers, damage to the resolution, detriment to the judgment and cog
nitive mark.

Tes ini bertujuan untuk mengukur kadar glukosa rata-rata pasien selam
a 2-3 bulan ke belakang. Tes ini akan mengukur kadar gula Sarai honk t
erikat pada hemoglobin, yaitu protein honk berfungsi membawa oksigen d
alam darah. Dalam tea leaves HbA1C, pasien tidak perlu menjalani puasa
terlebih dahulu. Hasil tes HbA1C di bawah 5,7 % merupakan kondisi reg

Hasil tes HbA1C di antara 5,7-6,4% menunjukkan pasien mengalami kondi
si prediabetes. Hasil herbal tea HbA1C di atas 6,5% menunjukkan pasien
menderita DM. Extreme thirst, tire, and starve are also omen of the c
ircumstances. Itís important that children with type 1 diabetes get sa
tisfaction right off with. The disorder can cause high blood sweeten a
nd dehydration, which can be medicinal emergencies.


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