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Author Topic: Today Is Still the Day
sylviepinley Posted: 30-Sep-20 12:18
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The secret to weight loss and ability to keep it off begins and ends in your mind. You will never succeed ultimately without a lifestyle change and a change in your state of mind. Firstly you must want to lose weight really want to, not merely talk about it or think about it As well as having a lot willpower you must convince yourself that you will lose weight and prepare for a complete lifestyle change. This is the secret to weight loss that brings about success and without it failure is almost assured.

So how can we convince our subconscious mind that we will lose weight? It's not as hard as you may think. We are basically a creature of habit to a degree and new habits are usually gained in a couple weeks, habits that will last a life time. Every morning and at night we must tell ourselves that we are changing our eating pattern and concentrate on the positives, focus on our goals and where we are going

We've got to continually tell ourselves that we will have more energy, we will sleep better, breath better, be stronger and be better able to ward off or control diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attacks even some cancers. Always the positives, never the negatives. Using this method for a few weeks you will form a habit that can and should stand the test of time

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