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Author Topic: Wu Yi Tea Increases Your Body Metabolism
rosariawetzell Posted: 06-Oct-20 08:12
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If we allow the size of a problem to mushroom out of all proportion in our minds, if we 'awfulize' about it, our ability to tackle the problem successfully diminishes dramatically. When we are forced to concentrate our minds on things we try to forget or push to one side, there is some initial pain and discomfort, but if we persevere we are often surprised at how easy the problem was to solve. This is the essence of the best secret ever. When we make change and we are the driver of that change, it is hugely powerful - more than that it is long-lasting and effective.

When it comes to losing weight this New Year, you don't need a short-term solution like a diet - which is very likely to make you miserable and irritable - you need to make change. This New Year's resolution should be that you're going to stop putting a Band Aid over the problem by going on another diet, You're going to make change. What is more the catalyst for that change is going to be you. Just remember that you will never be able to say goodbye to diets and lose weight permanently unless you recognize your old habits and learn new habits - slim habits. This New Year really could be a new beginning.

Henry John is an author and consultant on health, diet and weight loss. He specializes in designing weight loss programs and weight loss plans as well as advising individuals on the best way to lose weight. Yes it's that time of year again. Sequined tops; velvet trousers and of course, that figure hugging essential LITTLE BLACK DRESS. It's Christmas, the season of parties, kisses under the mistletoe and showing off your assets to family, friends and colleagues.

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