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Author Topic: Lose Fat and Look Like a Fitness Model
rosariawetzell Posted: 09-Oct-20 07:33
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On September 15, 2001 Zanardi was doing what race car drivers do, he was racing the American Memorial 500 near Brandenburg, Germany. Leading the race with 13 laps to go, he had made his final pit stop and was attempting to merge into traffic when he spun into the path of another driver. Unable to avoid the spinning car, his fellow competitor sliced Zanardi's car in two, claiming Zanardi's lower legs in the wreckage.

Alex Zanardi almost didn't survive the crash. His heart stopped beating seven times as doctors saved his life but amputated both legs, one above the knee and one below. Zanardi's career as a race car driver was over. But was it? Fast forward to 2003 and where do we find Alex Zanardi? Back in Germany, back in a race car, finishing those 13 laps that cost him his career and almost his life. Not content to just be there, he was driving the car at speeds approaching 200 mph. Fitted with prosthetic limbs and in cars with hand controls, he has not only been competitive but has won on the World Touring Car Championship circuit, and has tested F1 cars for BMW.

So what does this have to do with losing weight and getting fit? I can't help thinking of Alex Zanardi when things aren't going quite right with my training, or my nutrition plan isn't helping me lose bodyfat as fast as I want, or I am tempted to stay in bed instead of going to the gym. By the grace of God I have two arms to lift with and two legs to run on. Is there anything else I need? About Dean: Fed up with the way he looked and felt, Dean Carlson decided enough was enough. After wading through the conflicting diet and fitness information, and through much trial and error, he found himself 80 pounds lighter and with a new outlook on life. His desire to help other people get healthy and fit without going it alone led him to start Cr8 Health & Fitness, where he shares his knowledge and passion for fitness with others looking to get off the diet roller coaster.

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