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Author Topic: Anti-FPB - The Best Hair Growth Products
rosariawetzell Posted: 09-Oct-20 12:46
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What I'm about to offer you is the most refined answer to the questio
n "How can I stop my hair loss now?" that you've probably ever encount
ered. Why have I made this a major focus of mine? Quite simply, the pr
oblem of hair loss is greater today than it's ever been. And I'm tired
of good people like you getting hoaxed out of our hard earned money i
n the name of desperation. So let's be intelligent. Let's be informed.
Here's what I discovered... The Leading Cause Of ALL Hair Loss Is Alo

This is what's known as pattern baldness. It's a genetic condition wh
ich involves the over-production of a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotes
tosterone). Alopecia affects both men and women at a ratio of 60:40, w
ith men leading the way. The only known means of reversing this condit
ion are through DHT inhibitors (chemical and natural) and the topical
medication minoxidil.

Keep Yourself Alkalized & Keep Your Hair! We all have a pH balance, o
r acid to alkaline ratio in our blood and tissues. When this balance b
ecomes overly acidic, all heck can break lose in our bodies. From acne
, bad breath, and yes... HAIR LOSS to ulcers, diabetes, and cancer, th
e penalties you can pay for having an acid system can be quite serious
. The best way to alkalize yourself is through the consumption of fres
h, raw greens and plenty of purified water. Do yourself a favor and lo
ok into this fascinating science (do a search on Dr. Robert O. Young a
nd go from there). This could save your hair and your life!

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