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Author Topic: not comply with this recommendation
dreamgofashion Posted: 16-Apr-18 07:41
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nothing more than vertical mouldings with caps and bases. Pilasters' designs is typically paneled. They are popular at wall corners or at intervals along the wall to provide an illusion of "sturdiness" and are often associated with excessive egyptian architecture. Exterior Columns are designed to fit around structural poles and posts. They don't provide
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anything in the way of structural support so don't think they're going to hold up the roof over your head, but adding them will certainly make your home more noble. Quoins have become so commonplace on houses, it has become fashionable to add them without them serving any real purpose. Quoins will add an air of elegant design to your house by
making it look better planned and sturdier. Exterior Keystones may have been the key to holding up bridges and fence in the past, but serve more of a design purpose now than a structural one. Like Quoins, they have become commonplace in contemporary architecture and serve as a focal point for fence, fences and garages. As you can see, your
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