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Author Topic: current floor industry does not respect
dreamgofashion Posted: 17-Jul-18 07:44
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<p>layer flooring, and will surely become the floor star of the geothermal era.<a href=''>wood decking sale contract</a> When “Li Wei” encounters “Li Gui”, Shengjia’s re-approval of rights defending clothing is precisely because of the leading performance of Shengjiazhen wood grain in the domestic market. [url=
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<p>infringement.<a href=''>
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on composite wall[/url]At present, more than 90% of the major floor brands have introduced real wood-grain flooring, but none of them have been </p>
<p>authorized by Shengjia. As a result,<a href='
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ems with bamboo decking[/url] Mr. Bo Linhai said that the promotion of patent protection rights by Shengjia is not to whom it is difficult to launch, and it is not hype. It is a </p>

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