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Author Topic: leaf makes lumber
dreamgofashion Posted: 15-May-18 02:12
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material of European week leaf makes lumber industry or go bankrupt: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge c subcutaneous ulcer ton row? The loss that material of European week [url=
]outdoor panel furnitures in great falls[/url] leaf makes lumber industry or go bankrupt Issue date: 2003-2-8 origin: Germany: Make as a result of the depression of log of broadleaf of international temperate zone and sawn timber market material of European broad leaf controls lumber industry

many business failure. If this abundant cultivates the price of log and sawn timber to drop by appearance cause. In going a few years, a lot of companies of this group course of [url=
]youtube di it your self basketball court floors[/url] study are centered at Ju Mu Duihua to export, their early and forest advocate sign supply agreement, and much log value is fixed, market price case drops, cause business failure. The West-pfalzische Holzindu StrieHinter Weidenthal(WPH) that

already went bankrupt at the application end July is one of a lot of companies that material of German broad leaf controls lumber industry to face dilemma, indebted about [url=
]corrugated wood plastic gazebo roof material[/url] 10 thousand dollars of L00. Because China is right of Ju wood demand decrease greatly make company loss. With this similar final result, france makes lumber industry also appearing. How to deal withof product certification of Chinese environment mark?

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