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Author Topic: endangered plants in the world
dreamgofashion Posted: 07-Jun-18 09:38
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Serpentine wood, also known as snake mulberry, Moraceae Moraceae snake mulberry. Scientific name: Piratinera guianensis Trade name: Snakewood, Letterwood, Leopardwood. Place name: Letterhout (Suriname), Bois d'amourette (French Guiana) Origin: Distributed in the original jungle near the Amazon River in South America.
In the domestic timber market, serpentine wood mainly refers to Piratinera guianensis, which is produced in Suriname and Guyana. This tree species is one of the most precious and endangered plants in the world, and it is one of the world's most valuable timber species.
The logging is extremely difficult. Usually, a group of 5-8 indigenous peoples is grouped into the mountains to search for it. Every time a tree is found, it is used as a mark, and after unified logging, it is manually pulled from the jungle.
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