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Author Topic: situation and gain greater market
dreamgofashion Posted: 19-Jun-18 02:05
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The Isabel Experience Hall turned out. The home industry has also made a lot of inspirations for the soft-packing industry, and in July this year, the Construction Fair saw the entry of soft-wear companies into the overall soft-packing industry.
In recent editions of the Shenzhen Soft-Clothing Exhibition, Witass has always made appearances in the overall soft-wear image of curtain fabrics and bedding and other fabric products. Responding to Competition Risk Since 2010, the Chinese home furnishing market has been turbulent and unpredictable.
With the sluggish property market, product homogeneity, and overcapacity, soft-packing companies face more and more difficulties in market competition. How to stand out in a difficult situation and gain greater market share? For soft-pack companies,
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