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Author Topic: detection process and the repeatability
dreamgofashion Posted: 16-Jul-18 03:17
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and most of the panel furniture uses fiberboard or particleboard bonding. In this way, adhesives should be used for veneering and edge sealing. Adhesives are the source of formaldehyde. In the detection method, China's furniture product testing uses the dryer method to cut the furniture into small pieces for testing,
which is a destructive test, which not only destroys the furniture, but also differs from the actual situation of the furniture use. The professional academic report "Evaluation of Uncertainty in Detection of Formaldehyde Release in Dryer Method" indicates that the release of formaldehyde is determined by the dryer method,
and the test results are uncertain. The uncertainty is mainly derived from the drawing of the standard curve, the detection process and the repeatability test. . Due to the inhomogeneity in the sample, the uncertainty introduced by the repeatability test is the largest.
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